Track: Ty Segall Announces New Album ‘First Taste’; Listen To Single “Taste”

Whatever your opinion of singer/songwriter Ty Segall is, one thing we can agree on is that the guy never rests. If you look up the word prolific in the dictionary there will surely be a picture of our blonde-haired garage rock icon. Just as soon as he’s dropped one album there’s another waiting in the wings. The newest release is First Taste, which drops on August 2nd with Drag City. Segall once again surrounds himself with his usual crowd of musical friends and his Freedom Band. According to Drag City press release, the album hits new emotional territory for Segall.

First Taste is an introspective set for Segall after the extroversions of 2018’s Freedom’s Goblin. Lines of struggle wind through the songs as Segall reflects on family, re-encountering pasts, anticipating futures. He skates through oneness, self-esteem, the parents – all the joys of a rain-filled childhood – while reaching outward in the here and now, feeling for a shared pulse. 

Musically Segall is hitting new territory as well, using instruments as diverse as koto, recorder, bouzouki, harmoniser, mandolin, saxophones and brass, voices, and a sprinkling of keys. It will make for a unique Ty Segall experience. Though, first single “Taste” definitely doesn’t sound like some tinkering orchestra. It’s an all-out aural assault that sounds more like Tobacco than Segall’s Freedom Band. Full-on grooving noise rock with Segall’s signature vocals. With the accompanying video, Segall lays out what “Taste” really is.

Watch the video below, and pick up First Taste August 2nd from Drag City.

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