Track: Morly – And Sooner Than We Know It…

On August 14th, In Defence of My Muse the debut EP from Morly (aka Katy Morley) drops via Cascine. Its a collection of records inspired by her time (reputedly Autumn 2013 till this past spring) locked away in a studio (presumably not all the time) with a box of old instruments and borrowed headphones, after dropping out of academia to follow her lo-fo electronic led vision.

In Defence of My Muse is the first of two recordings to be released by NY label Cascine of the fruits of that time in the studio, and from Morly has released one of the tracks, And Sooner Than We Know It… It’s stripped back and icy cold to open, these sparse piano lines and electronics creating a kind of sheen. Soon though, shoots of melody and echoey vocal cut ups beging to push through, giving a warmth and beauty to the track, the icy synth edges over the top glittering as things begin to thaw. Soon theres a beat, albeit this slightly neurotic toe in the water, splashing away with pads and then disappearing again.

She’s onto something, is Morly. And its rather lovely.

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