News: Blaze Olsen Shines On ‘Rich Pricks’

Independent artist Blaze Olsen is making waves in the music industry with a revamped version of his track ‘Rich Pricks’, featuring Daddy NAT. This powerful blend of indie pop, rap, and anti-pop captures the energetic yet discontented mood of societal frustration on a soundscape comparable to Glass Animals.

Raised as a military brat, Blaze Olsen’s nomadic upbringing across the United States deeply influences his music. After forgoing traditional education to pursue his passion for music, he made the bold move to California in 2020. Living off the beaches of Malibu during the pandemic, he found inspiration in the freedom of his van and the solace of the ocean waves.

‘Rich Pricks’ serves as a raw expression of Blaze Olsen’s frustration and envy towards those born into privilege. The track, characterized by its infectious energy and punk attitude, reflects the artist’s visceral reaction to the stark wealth disparity he witnessed in Malibu.

“I woke up one morning and I honestly was just so sick and tired of the way I was living,” Blaze Olsen explains. “Seeing the 20-million-dollar homes vacant most of the year just made me pissed and depressed.”

Despite its initial release last year, ‘Rich Pricks’ has taken on new life with the recent addition of Daddy NAT, whose distinct vibe perfectly complements Blaze Olsen’s raw energy. The collaboration injects fresh perspective into the track, amplifying its message of societal inequality.

At its core, the song confronts the divide between ‘the haves and the have nots’ and refuses to accept it. ‘Rich Pricks’ is Blaze Olsen’s rebellion against a system that perpetuates inequality and injustice.

With this new version of ‘Rich Pricks’, Blaze Olsen proves himself once again as an artist unafraid to confront uncomfortable truths and challenge the status quo.

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