News: Leo Napier – Rising From Adversity With Release Of ‘Philly Gritz EP’

In a story of resilience and revival, California-born soul singer, songwriter, and pianist Leo Orlando Napier has defied the odds to emerge from the brink of death and embark on a new chapter in his musical journey. Just seven months ago, in August of 2023, Leo faced a life-threatening heart infection that left him teetering on the edge of oblivion on the operating table of a Mallorquin hospital. As each critical second passed, Leo’s fate hung in the balance, until he was miraculously granted a second chance at life.

Now, Leo stands poised to reintroduce himself to the world with the release of his latest EP, ‘Philly Gritz,’ a testament to his resilience, artistry, and unwavering passion for music. Produced by his close friend and trusted collaborator, Adam ‘Stehreo’ Stehr, the EP is a raw and unfiltered expression of Leo’s musical vision, influenced by the gritty soul and R&B sounds of Philadelphia.

The lead single, ‘Get Back Up,’ captures Leo’s indomitable spirit and serves as a poignant reminder of his journey from the depths of despair to newfound hope. With lyrics inspired by personal struggles and triumphs, the song blends introspective storytelling with infectious funk and soul grooves, offering listeners a glimpse into Leo’s world.

Reflecting on his near-death experience and subsequent musical resurgence, Leo shares his newfound sense of purpose and determination to share his music with the world. From his early years spent navigating the streets of Hollywood, London, and Santa Barbara to his breakthrough collaborations with EDM heavyweights like DJ Gramatik and GRiZ, Leo’s journey has been defined by passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of his artistic vision.

With the ‘Philly Gritz EP’ now available to listeners worldwide, Leo Napier invites audiences to join him on a journey of self-discovery and musical exploration. As he embraces his second chance with gratitude and enthusiasm, Leo is ready to make his mark on the musical landscape once again, armed with a newfound sense of purpose and a determination to share his soul-stirring sounds with the world.

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