Premiere: Etai surveys an era of turbulence and unrest on ‘Summer of Ghosts’


Etai Fuchs (also of Baltimore band Moon By Moon) released his debut solo album Bloodletting in January of last year, a skeletal gem that could have passed for a live acoustic performance. Its follow-up, Summer of Ghosts, is a much more expansive affair, tipping its hat to artists like Caribou and Panda Bear. There’s also some of Montreal and Tame Impala in the mix, to these ears, so if any of those RIYLs appeal, you should keep an eye out for its arrival next week. Fuchs released ‘Long Division’ as its lead single last week; the title track serves as single #2. It’s out today, and we’re premiering its video.

‘Summer of Ghosts’ itself is taken from an album that, in Fuchs’s words, “confront[s] the personal psychology of living with late stage capitalism, confronting inequality and violence, desperation and pain, and looking inside yourself to find freedom of thought and empathy for others.” It tackles the seismic events of mass protest that swept across America last year in the wake of police violence and the knock-on effect of political unrest, and the impact of the no-frills clip is heightened by the anxiety present in its lyrics. The album follows on Friday July 9th via the artist’s own Gardenhead Records; tune in below.

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