Track: Sprints – Literary Mind

The four band members of Sprints
Credit: Niamh Barry

Sprints have released new track ‘Literary Mind’ out now on Nice Swan Records. It’s the first new music since their A Modern Job EP which was out in the spring. The 7″ vinyl sold out immediately which demonstrates the growing interest in the band. It’s a slightly different sound for Sprints, but still raw, still reverbing guitars and still punk rock. The layered vocals plus combination of lead singer Karla Chubb and bassist Sam McCann give Sprints a different dimension to the sound, and ‘Literary Mind‘ is addictive. I have had it on repeat and hear something different every time. At almost 5 minutes it’s one of their longest tracks to date but believe me its worth every second.

Sprints are an extraordinary band live. The frenetic energy translates to their live performance and on 13th October they play their biggest headline show to date at The Dome, Tufnell Park, London.

Karla expands on the themes behind ‘Literary Mind’:
“‘Literary Mind’ is probably one of our most light-hearted songs in Sprints in terms of subject matter, while still exploring something quite close to heart. It’s a real deep dive and exploration into the feeling of falling in love, particularly queer love, in which you feel like you’ve been conditioned to believe a heteronormative way of life is the only “right” way to live, which leads to incredible difficulty and emotional oppression.

You push these feelings down, ignoring them, praying them away even but eventually with acceptance comes a rush of emotion that you never thought you’d feel. You unlock, finally, what it means to be happy and with it comes the rollercoaster of emotions, hot sweats, fever dreams, happiness, giddiness and excitement that we’ve tried to capture in the energy and pace of the song.”

For more information on Sprints, including tour dates please check their facebook and twitter.

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