Meet: Yur Mum interview, plus their new single Sweatshop

Yur Mum are back with their new single SWEATSHOP, so we caught up with them to have a chat and see what’s going down.

So what’s going on with Yur Mum?
My mum’s fine. How’s yours? (Laughs) – Well, not much… We’ve been gigging nonstop for quite a while, as well as writing and recording new material, getting ready to release our first single since the album last year and our very first proper music video. In the meantime we still carry on with our day jobs.

Tell us about the new single.
The new song is titled SWEATSHOP. It’s our shortest track with 2:21. As the title indicates it’s about the ugly side of consumerism.

How do you write new material?
We don’t have a system. Either of us might show up with a riff, a melody or some lyrics, then if we all feel inspired we start jamming.

And what are the challenges of transposing new material to the live stage, and vice versa?
This is our favourite part. We love performing and when we have a new song we can’t wait to try it on stage. After performing that song a few times we naturally begin to shape it into something that makes it feel right.

What’s the motivation behind the band?
I think each of us has different reasons but we can all agree that we love performing. We love playing our own songs. They represent a little bit of who we are and what we feel.

You all tour a lot. Best and worst tour stories?
Probably the worst story was in America. After driving for a whole day we were the first band to arrive at the venue but the promoter had forgotten about us. He asked us to play last and we had to watch 5 sets and wait until 1:45am. We set up our instruments on stage and before we could play the same guy cut us off. Luckily there are more good stories though, but we believe our best story is still to come. Get in touch with us in the future.

Any bucket list goals for the band?
Touring with bands we admire. Eventually making enough money to live from it. Playing a decent stage at Download.

What’s coming up for Yur Mum on the horizon?
Well, we got lots of new material to share with you all. SWEATSHOP is one of many. We also have a very special tour with friends which will happen soon. Stay tuned.

Final words:
Thanks for this interview and thanks to your readers. We’d like to invite you all to our single launch party at The Monarch in Camden on the 2nd July. It’s free entry and we have special guests Trevor’s Head and The Road Atlas sharing the bill.

So there you have it. New single SWEATSHOP is out July 2nd.

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