See: Mattia Cupelli – ‘EGERIA’: propulsive ambient darkwave goes down to the water

Mattio Cupelli

MATTIA CUPELLI, the Italian darkwave ambient composer, the cyclical, shadowy prayer call of whose “MONOLITH” we covered in these pages just over a week ago, has dropped another track, this time showcasing a more propulsive dark aesthetic. It’s called “EGERIA” and you can watch the video for it below.

Built on the hard rock of midtempo techno beats, there’s a bliss and a lusciousness to Mattia’s latest track, with ethereal vocals, pastoral flutes in flight, tonal qualities from the eastern end of the Med and beyond lending an otherworldly dreaminess – that never quite allows you to bliss out in full, mainstream ambience. There’s always a wisp, a whisper, of the shadowy side.

Both tracks are taken from his forthcoming album, RUINS, “EGERIA” pays tribute to the Roman water nymph of the same who imparted laws to the second King of Rome, Numa Pompilius. 

Speaking of the single, Mattia Cupelli says: “’EGERIA’ is like an endless cycle of time. Past, present and future are in the same place, as we were and will be as human beings. But some things are just timeless.”

Mattia’s amassed more than 76 million plays over at YouTube for his gloriously dark work; he cites Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, and Ryuichi Sakamoto among his influences and inspirations.

“My music is about time, art and the human being between,” he says.

Mattia Cupelli’s RUINS will be released by MC Records on July 9th.

Connect with Mattia at his website; on FacebookTwitter and Instagram; and on SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify.

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